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Tao Master Special Investigation Troop

We're in ur capital, floatin over ur heds

Tao Trooper ♣
19 June 1982
This is a journal to rant about my adventures playing the game Okami, and the meta I find about it. Basically, so I won't spam my poor, innocent friends list with this, and I can find it all at the same place.

Fair warning: I gush over Ushiwaka, a lot.

amaterasu, amaterasu is my co-pilot, ark of yamato, blooming trees, booze pwns orochi, brush gods, catcall tower, celestial plain, cherry bombs, clovers, clueless yellow-hat orochi head, crack, demon fangs, feeding animals, flutes, gaming, half-baked prophets, himiko/rao, holy bones, human!ammy/not!furry!waka, isn't this a zelda?, issun, issun/cleavages is canon, japanese mythology, kamiki village, konohana shuffle, kusa village, kushi/susano, lol aliens, lol french, lol werewolves, moon tribe, not blockheads, not hayazo, not spider bandits, not the digging minigames, not wakwu shrine!, oina tribe, okami, omg kawaii, onmyouji, pastel-colored orcas, poncles, praise, sake, sakuya got back, sasa sanctuary, satomi canine warriors, sei-an city, shiranui, silly imps, sleepy bears, tao masks, tao troopers, tengu head-dress, ushiwaka, waka, waka/kamo/abe, wep'keer, yakuza sparrows, yamabushi outfits, yatsu/princess fuse,