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How well do you know the game Okami (Hard)

WOW! I'm impressed. You know everything that you need to know about Okami. I congratulate you!!! You have possibly passed the game more than twice (that or you had another window open with the answers. lol.) No i'm kidding, I know you didn't! Congratulations once again on having every single question correct!!!
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I shouldn't feel so smug about it, but... *is smug about it 8D* Even if some questions were just easy or ridiculous or inaccurate. Oh well, at least the quizmaker didn't say Waka was a Celestial?

By the way, the Catcall Tower and Kabegami. I understood the meows were from the kitty in the very top, not from Kabegami. (Incidentally, they never got the kitties down, she just fed them O_O They're still stuck in that fucking tower with no food, the poor bastards!)
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