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1. Fanfic rec:
I was telling this on my normal LJ, but I'll repeat it here anyway. Someone wrote this really awesome fanfiction for Yuletide: Land of One Hundred Stories. Post-canon, Amaterasu + Waka. I loved this. Go read it if you're into fanfic, because it really feels like something out of the game.

2. Someone hold me...
...before I DO write a crossover with the anime Mononoke. Man, I don't care, in my heart of hearts that happens in the future of Okami's Nippon. I blame it on fanartists AND the crazy kids at Niconico doing Mononoke videos drawn as the Okami videogame. And I still go there to rewatch them when I feel like it, grah.

3. Speaking of Nicovideo...
There's this Japanese guy who's recording his gameplay and sort of dubbing it to Japanese. Meaning he reads out loud every text and acts every dialog. The dude is HILARIOUS, and makes the relevant voice according to the character. His Issun cracks me up! (Also, I leave the comments turned on in this one because I love to see the Japanese people going "wwwwww" (LOLOLOL) as well. IDK, I'm nuts.)

Anyway, the link for the tag is here. As for the way to watch them, you'll need a Nico account. I found a tutorial to understand the registration form.

4. And lastly, name meta
I searched for the meaning of Shiranui in kanji. A translation I'd make from all the possible meanings would be "white menace from the field/plain". Funny enough, the kanji for nu, apart from menace or threat, could also mean dignity, majesty. But considering that people were scared the shit out of her at the beginning, I'd go with the first option. Maybe, after Izanagi's battle, they'd take it in the other possible sense.
By the way, I noticed that the Japanese artbook has this part with a table of nicknames and titles for Amaterasu, along with the ones who call her like that. Dammit, now I want a translation of that ;_; (incidentally, there's also a shorter list for Issun)
If you're curious, it's the page before the map IIRC.
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