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Bullet points, or something

1. Fanfic rec:
I was telling this on my normal LJ, but I'll repeat it here anyway. Someone wrote this really awesome fanfiction for Yuletide: Land of One Hundred Stories. Post-canon, Amaterasu + Waka. I loved this. Go read it if you're into fanfic, because it really feels like something out of the game.

2. Someone hold me...
...before I DO write a crossover with the anime Mononoke. Man, I don't care, in my heart of hearts that happens in the future of Okami's Nippon. I blame it on fanartists AND the crazy kids at Niconico doing Mononoke videos drawn as the Okami videogame. And I still go there to rewatch them when I feel like it, grah.

3. Speaking of Nicovideo...
There's this Japanese guy who's recording his gameplay and sort of dubbing it to Japanese. Meaning he reads out loud every text and acts every dialog. The dude is HILARIOUS, and makes the relevant voice according to the character. His Issun cracks me up! (Also, I leave the comments turned on in this one because I love to see the Japanese people going "wwwwww" (LOLOLOL) as well. IDK, I'm nuts.)

Anyway, the link for the tag is here. As for the way to watch them, you'll need a Nico account. I found a tutorial to understand the registration form.

4. And lastly, name meta
I searched for the meaning of Shiranui in kanji. A translation I'd make from all the possible meanings would be "white menace from the field/plain". Funny enough, the kanji for nu, apart from menace or threat, could also mean dignity, majesty. But considering that people were scared the shit out of her at the beginning, I'd go with the first option. Maybe, after Izanagi's battle, they'd take it in the other possible sense.
By the way, I noticed that the Japanese artbook has this part with a table of nicknames and titles for Amaterasu, along with the ones who call her like that. Dammit, now I want a translation of that ;_; (incidentally, there's also a shorter list for Issun)
If you're curious, it's the page before the map IIRC.


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Jan. 7th, 2008 03:35 pm (UTC)
Hi, I'm the author of that Okami story. I used this blog as one of my resources when I was writing it, so I'm really glad that you liked it! Thanks.
Sep. 5th, 2008 02:02 pm (UTC)
This is a very impressive blog. I am so bookmarking this. :D Where'd you get such clear graphics for the icons?

I've done some research into the name Shiranui myself. I was having trouble finding the kanji, so I typed in "white light majesty" and got kanji spelling Shiro No I... (took me a while to figure out that the name might be a alternate pronunciation. XD)
It always translates as "white light majesty" in the game, but the fact that it could also mean "white menate from the fields" is very interesting.

BTW, the translated art book has the name list, of course, but it's translated as the English versions of what her Japanese nicknames were. It's pretty interesting.

Meanwhile I'll be checking out that dub. :P

-Sarurun Kamui
Sep. 5th, 2008 02:34 pm (UTC)
Icons aren't mine, actually. They were made by bluebird_icons, but IIRC s/he did the icons with screencaps (of a Japanese fanbook DVD) she took herself. There aren't screencaps this pretty on the Internet, woe.

Well, the search I did was with the kanji they use in-game, but I've heard your translation around a lot. Perhaps it can be written with the same sounds, or the kanji have different meanings, or something.

Pfffffffffft AHAHAHAHAHA NO. Don't believe the nickname table. I don't know how well translated the rest of the artbook is, as I don't actually speak Japanese, but I know enough of a couple of things in the original game to tell you that part of the translation must be bullshit. As you might've realized, for instance, I'm a big Waka fan and did research for a fansite I want to build. And I can tell you right off, for instance, that he doesn't call Issun "pea apparition" (his nickname for him means "rubber ball"), and that he calls Ammy "Amaterasu-kun", which is a really informal way to treat people, and -kun in no way would be translated to "mistress". So if they couldn't get those two right, I honestly doubt the rest of the names are any better or good at all.
Sep. 5th, 2008 10:35 pm (UTC)
Yeah... Udon did a pretty sad job with the translation in some parts. The dialogue to go with the woodcut-images is translated, not from the game; Takamagahara appears in the book three times and is spelled a different way each time... they call Kaguya "excruciatingly beautiful". Never heard that one before. 0_o
Hmm... there's also Madame Okami, Furry Riceckae, Impoverished Mistress Okami, Great Teacher Amatelasu (why they keep using 'l's, I have no idea)... Several people call Issun 'ladybug', only in the scientific name... my favorite for him is "A suspicious-looking mobile piece of candy". :P
Still, it's such a beautiful book. (There are actually a few perverted comments in the concept notes... XD)
I've seen Bluebird Icons. I just didn't remember seeing some of the ones you used. Since I found out about what the DVD is, I've been wondering if she did use it.... anyways, they really add a nice element to the blog. :)

On a side note, I really want that DVD for christmas. :P
Sep. 6th, 2008 12:17 pm (UTC)
Yeah, they went too literal in some parts but... the thing that bothered me the most was the fact they translated the Brush Gods' names literally. Like, instead of Bakugami or Kabegami, you get "god of explosions" or "wall god". Another inconsistency was Tao Master = "exorcist". I mean, the original term for the Tao Troopers (onmyouji) might be translated in several ways, but it's no mere "exorcist". In real life they did like... calendars and horoscopes, too. But either way, there was a canon term for that, but kept changing it. They did get it right with the troopers, though.

I swear I want to convince someone who can actually translate Japanese to translate that nickname table well. The candy thing was LOLarious. Would Nagi call Ishaku that, too?

I think she mentioned it somewhere, and it'd make sense since all those icons were from cutscenes and that's what I heard the DVD had. I... bought it but it got lost in the mail ;___; I'm debating over buying it again or not when I get enough money. If I do buy it, I'm so ripping the videos and screencapping the shit our of it, and sharing it around. It looks so shiny.
Sep. 13th, 2008 05:50 am (UTC)
Sarurun Kamui
Aww, sorry to hear about that.

I actually kinda liked the "god of ____" titles. I mean... an entire page to the God of Onslaught? How much more awesome can you get? :P
It would have been nice if they'd done both, tho.
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