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Okami Garyou Tensei Fanbook DVD rip

Yeah, many years after this fanbook was released. It's nothing extraordinary, just a summary of an hour and a half of the game in low-ish quality. Sadly, it wasn't until I uploaded that I realized that VLC was scaling the thing and the video was really small (384x288). But until I find a better way to rip it, here it is.

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It's Moon Tribe headcanon time

Because I was talking about it in townsenta's spoilerrific Okamiden review and I thought I'd write it down. Please note that this isn't even the only Moon Tribe/Waka headcanon I have, but this is the one I'd like to write some backstory fic about. Mostly to reconcile the sequel butchery with the original, but never mind me.

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Okamiden review

The non-spoilery part: I'd say 8/10. I'm surprised I didn't hate its guts like I expected, and my annoyances at the plot (many of those I already had before playing it) didn't hit until the final act, in which I was too busy getting my heart broken to whine properly about it. But that said, I had a lot of fun with the gameplay. I'm glad it was shorter and more limited compared to Okami because that was an unique game, and it makes sense it's all smaller. So I don't regret playing this at all. Now someone stop me from writing Moon-tribe-related fanfic to fix the plotholes!

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Review: Okami Garyou Tensei (fanbook + DVD)

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Okay, in conclusion. As a collectible for a hardcore Okami fan, it's awesome. For someone who's that, and also can read Japanese and likes mythology, must be even more awesome. For a casual fan who can't read Japanese, it's probably not something to buy. But hell, it's quite pretty and I love it. I'm disappointed on the DVD because I expected actual full-length cutscenes in high quality instead of a butchered summary, but it's better than nothing.
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I think I've finally come unto something regarding the reasons for Kaguya's imprisonment.

When we talk to the emperor for the first time, he tells us:

I remember meeting with a bamboo seller called Kaguya. And I remember a secret treasure for crossing a sea of fire...
Then, did they lock her up in order to get the Fire Tablet, so they could cross the lava pit around Himiko? But that brings two problems. 1) Ninetails could cross it later just fine. Then again, perhaps s/he couldn't do that without the foxrods, and they had her as a backup. Besides, s/he has flying minions, right? Or it was for Blight's use, perhaps. Let's just assume that was why they needed it.

But then we have 2) If they really wanted the Fire Tablet, why didn't they snatch it from her when they locked her up? Are they that stupid, or was it that Kaguya wasn't carrying it with her at that time? Didn't they even torture her for its whereabouts?

I need to check the dialogs at Sasa Sanctuary to reflect more about this theory, but I have no time to search for videos now. Oh well, maybe some other day...
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I've been searching for this legend for ages. So far I had only seen it in my mythology book, and this link has it more detailed.

Ushiwakamaru vs. Benkei

Besides the tengu legend (one day I'll make a long post about it), this IS the other source of inspiration for Waka's character design, and the reason why he carries a flute. There are even some sketches in the artbook of a previous version with a shirt over his head. It's hard to get this amount of info while googling Ushiwakamaru/Yoshitsune. In the end, it was searching for Benkei what did it.

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How well do you know the game Okami (Hard)

WOW! I'm impressed. You know everything that you need to know about Okami. I congratulate you!!! You have possibly passed the game more than twice (that or you had another window open with the answers. lol.) No i'm kidding, I know you didn't! Congratulations once again on having every single question correct!!!
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I shouldn't feel so smug about it, but... *is smug about it 8D* Even if some questions were just easy or ridiculous or inaccurate. Oh well, at least the quizmaker didn't say Waka was a Celestial?

By the way, the Catcall Tower and Kabegami. I understood the meows were from the kitty in the very top, not from Kabegami. (Incidentally, they never got the kitties down, she just fed them O_O They're still stuck in that fucking tower with no food, the poor bastards!)
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Weapons weapons weapons

After some wasted time at Wikipedia and Google Images, I concluded the lance thing the Tao Troopers carry, besides the katana (...I guess it's a katana: with the fucked up proportions the characters have, it's hard to tell the length), must be a variation of a Jumonji-yari or trident-ish spear.

Also, some curiosities regarding the Imperial Regalia. As you know, the Divine Instruments are based on them... don't you?

Well, each regalia stands for something. Yasakani no Magatama (inspiration for the rosaries) symbolizes benevolence. Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi (inspiration of the glaives) symbolizes valor. Yata no Kagami (inspiration for the reflectors) symbolizes wisdom or honesty. What, no Triforce of Power? Dammit, Ganon!

And for some personal LULZ:

In The Tale of the Heike, a collection of oral stories transcribed in 1371, [Kusanagi] is lost at sea after the defeat of the Heike clan in the Battle of Dan-no-ura, a naval battle that ended in the defeat of the Heike clan forces and the child Emperor Antoku at the hands of Minamoto no Yoshitsune.

Geez, Yoshitsune keeps popping up everywhere when I'm reading meta ô_o Well, I guess he DOES have one thing in common with his Okami namesake...

Bullet points, or something

1. Fanfic rec:
I was telling this on my normal LJ, but I'll repeat it here anyway. Someone wrote this really awesome fanfiction for Yuletide: Land of One Hundred Stories. Post-canon, Amaterasu + Waka. I loved this. Go read it if you're into fanfic, because it really feels like something out of the game.

2. Someone hold me...
...before I DO write a crossover with the anime Mononoke. Man, I don't care, in my heart of hearts that happens in the future of Okami's Nippon. I blame it on fanartists AND the crazy kids at Niconico doing Mononoke videos drawn as the Okami videogame. And I still go there to rewatch them when I feel like it, grah.

3. Speaking of Nicovideo...
There's this Japanese guy who's recording his gameplay and sort of dubbing it to Japanese. Meaning he reads out loud every text and acts every dialog. The dude is HILARIOUS, and makes the relevant voice according to the character. His Issun cracks me up! (Also, I leave the comments turned on in this one because I love to see the Japanese people going "wwwwww" (LOLOLOL) as well. IDK, I'm nuts.)

Anyway, the link for the tag is here. As for the way to watch them, you'll need a Nico account. I found a tutorial to understand the registration form.

4. And lastly, name meta
I searched for the meaning of Shiranui in kanji. A translation I'd make from all the possible meanings would be "white menace from the field/plain". Funny enough, the kanji for nu, apart from menace or threat, could also mean dignity, majesty. But considering that people were scared the shit out of her at the beginning, I'd go with the first option. Maybe, after Izanagi's battle, they'd take it in the other possible sense.
By the way, I noticed that the Japanese artbook has this part with a table of nicknames and titles for Amaterasu, along with the ones who call her like that. Dammit, now I want a translation of that ;_; (incidentally, there's also a shorter list for Issun)
If you're curious, it's the page before the map IIRC.
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So, as probably only me you know, Issun's name comes from Issun Boshi, the Japanese Tom Thumb fairytale. Nothing strange here.

But that's not the point. I was reading on Japanese units of measurement on the Wikipedia today ironically, for my Waka RP journal, because he wouldn't measure any shit on Western units, and I see there's this length unit called sun. And quoting:

"[...]and the Japanese version of the Tom Thumb story, Issun Bōshi (一寸法師, Issun Bōshi?), literally "one sun boy", as well as in many Japanese proverbs."

Then, while staring at the rest of the table, it dawns on me. 10 sun = 1 shaku (foot).